A downloadable silly game

Hi. Our marketing people have written some nice things for us to say about our game. We ourselves believe it's very silly and not at all that interesting - we recommend you go play a more engaging title such as Spider Solitaire. If you still want to read it, here it is:


  • Straightforward gaming experience. No boring tutorials, get straight into action - anyone can figure out how to play in seconds.

  • Loads of different items which gameplay relies on. Every time you switch items, the playing experience changes significantly - making for boatloads of replayability and strategy.

  • Any level can be finished with any combination of items. Shortcuts and secrets are hidden everywhere - some of them are only accessible if you come back with the right ones.

  • Many many ways to deal with each challenge - the game rewards clever, creative players who smell nice (our main target audience)

  • Long classic runs which take days to complete, rogue runs which can be finished in minutes.

  • Very very very stupid humor. We are not responsible if your IQ lowers after playing or something.

Full Content:

  • At least six thematic floors for a total of 60+ non-linear, increasingly intricate levels, all filled to the brim with secrets.

  • 60+ completely ridiculous, game-changing items. More item slots as you progress into the game.

  • 20+ different enemies with different behaviors - can you strategize accordingly?

  • Fully-featured level editor - create a short-and-sweet stage or multiple interconnected levels - you can even design an entire dungeon with dozens (hundreds? thousands? milions? your hard disk is the limit!) of floors. Levels can be shared online.

  • Rogue-like mode where you have to face a random selection of levels using a set of specific items all the way through.

  • Local Co-op Multiplayer

To know more, visit the main website or the developer's Twitter account.